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Tripod Ltd
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Tripod Ltd
Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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Posted July 29th

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Human Resources Call

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

We'd like strategic advice on whether to recruit for an Operations role within our flat structure workers' co-operative and, if yes, how best to navigate this shift in our ways of working.

Additional Context

We'd love to speak to a social justice-minded professional who has some experience of organisational structure development, HR and preferably with experience of working in a flat structured organisation or cooperative.

All of our 5 staff are Co-Directors of our Cooperative, each taking responsibility for different areas of Operations and leading on one of our Programmes. We have recently been considering the option of creating a new staff post that would be dedicated exclusively to operational tasks such as finance and fundraising, communications, administration, coordinating internal processes etc., so that other staff can dedicate more time and capacity to Programme work. We are deliberating the pros and cons of this approach and how it might impact our flat structured working culture and ethos

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About The Org

Tripod Ltd
Posted by
Olga B.

Co-director & Trainer

Our Mission

Tripod supports movements for justice to align, connect and plan to win.

We build the power of social movements to tackle the root causes of injustice, create collaborative and healthy group cultures, develop strategic anti-oppressive alliances and organise for transformative change.

What We Do

Training - We offer hands-on training in strategic campaign planning, community organising, collaborative and anti-oppressive ways of working and direct action skills. We embed skill-sharing, coaching and capacity-building, so that movements are well-resourced with facilitation and training capacity. Our workshops and in-depth community organising programmes create rare spaces where organisers from across different movements can align, connect and plan to win.

Meeting facilitation - We facilitate transformative and disruptive processes to empower groups to make more strategic and sustainable decisions together, address power dynamics and work through challenges. We support groups to clarify their aims, align practice with values, develop powerful campaign strategies and transform their organisational systems and structures.

Crosspollination - By offering cross-movement spaces, we link people together, strengthen coalitions and cross-pollinate learning. We support groups and organisers to build connections with one another and develop the resources they need to be resilient and strategic in the face of shared challenges.

Consultation & Development - We support organisations to design engaging and participatory trainings which take more radical and systemic approaches to tackling the root causes of injustice. We also offer longer-term consultation to help groups develop their organisational structures and systems.


Claire was amazing. She gave lots of useful pointers as to how best to recruit the talent we're looking for - drawing from her own experience and professional background. She then also offered to give detailed feedback on our job advert, which she did to a tight deadline. Claire was down-to-earth, ask pertinent questions and had a great sense of humour.
Olga Bloemen
Olga B.

Co-director & Trainer

Human Resources Phone Call

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