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Earth Law Center
New York, NY, USA
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Earth Law Center
New York, NY, USA


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Posted August 10th

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We are hoping to create a website like LegalZoom but for ecocentric law models. I need advice about how we should go about this--e.g., what about the site FormStack to produce the models?

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About The Org

Earth Law Center
Posted by
Grant W.

Executive Director & Managing Attorney

Our Mission

Earth Law Center catalyzes a global movement to rebalance the human-Nature relationship.

We do this by working to make ELC a household name, expanding the body of Earth Law, and providing tools for judges and lawyers to analyze in decisions affecting the natural environment.

What We Do

Our continued well being depends on a paradigm shift in law from a human based one to a nature based one so ecological communities can regenerate and thrive.

This includes a wide range of activities from researching and writing part of an amendment being considered by the Oaxaca Parliament for rights of rivers, to Amicus Briefs (12+ submitted since 2018). This includes the first Earth Law textbook in the world, published by Wolters Kluwer as well as Earth Law frameworks for rivers, marine protected areas and communities.

Catchafire volunteers form a core part of ELC's volunteer leaders, and we've completed over 100+ projects. So thank you Catchafire!!!


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