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Help EuroNatur assess the current state of their social media pages and gain actionable recommendations on how to improve presence and engagement.
Radolfzell am Bodensee, Germany
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Radolfzell am Bodensee, Germany


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Posted June 23rd

Project Details

What We Need
  • Profile & page setup assessment of whether relevant information and fields are filled
  • Statistics on posts, engagement, and follower demographics
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations to improve
Additional Details

Hi, we are looking to improve our Social Media presence. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Not all of them with the same amount of ressources. We would like to get feedback for example on graphics/images usage and post texts. Also how to use our limited ressources efficiently. Happy to meet you and explore our possiblities. Ask any questions you might have. Until soon :)

What We Have In Place
  • We have a communication strategy and a mission statement. Our channels are up and running. We have staff time that can be allocated to the project. We have access to tools like Canva.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $1,792 , allowing us to give more money into projects that help locals and protect valuable landscapes and animals.

The better we can use our limited ressources to reach people, the more impact we can have with our project work to protect Europe's nature.

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Goal Setting
  • Professional connects with the Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, target audiences, and existing activities/materials
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
Milestone 1: Initial Assessment & Feedback
  • Professional delivers an initial assessment of current social media performance, including relevant data insights and statistics around posts, engagements and demographics
  • Professional performs SWOT analysis of current social media presence
  • Volunteer Manager reviews draft and provides feedback to the Professional
Milestone 2: Deliver Final Recommendations
  • Professional documents specific recommendations for achieving a social media presence that meets the Organization's goals, and shares it with the Volunteer Manager
  • Professional answers any questions, and provides recommendations for next steps or finding assistance going forward
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About The Org

Posted by
Matthias H.

Social Media & Community Manager

Our Mission

We are committed to connecting nature and people in a peaceful Europe - beyond national borders.

Our aim is a Europe that hosts free-flowing rivers, pristine forests and diverse cultural landscapes and that offers sufficient space for wild animals and migrating birds within these and other ecosystems.

What We Do

Our efforts for the protection of plants, animals and habitats are transboundary in nature; we strengthen local conservation organizations and create international networks between them. Together with our Europe-wide partner network we create solutions that allow humans to live and work in harmony with nature.