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Stowe Land Trust
Stowe, VT, USA
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Stowe Land Trust
Stowe, VT, USA


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Posted December 8th

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Brand Messaging Call

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

I'd like feedback on our approach to refreshing our brand in support of broadening our membership. Need advice on how to structure the project with staff, board and consultant involvement.

Additional Context

We've got a marketing project team of staff, board, and community members working together that has completed a community survey and is preparing to solicit full board input on conclusions drawn from the work before creating an RFP and bringing in a consultant to help with the brand refresh, which we expect will include logo/visuals, messaging, and a playbook for recommended experiences. We've got different ideas and backgrounds on the project team and need help getting on the same page about the goals and deliverables for what we'll do in-house and the consultant's work.

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About The Org

Stowe Land Trust
Our Mission

Stowe Land Trust is dedicated to the conservation of scenic, recreational, and productive farm and forest lands for the benefit of the greater Stowe community.


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