Friends of Auburn Ravine

Lincoln, California, USA


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Friends of Auburn Ravine seeks to improve the health of our local watersheds in western Placer and southern Sutter Counties. Our coordinated/collaborative process is based on information obtained from scientific studies and reliable documented observations. We apply the concept of reconciliation ecology to maintain and improve the diversity of wildlife in such a way that human uses of the landscape can continue and sustainable solutions can be developed for the benefit of all.

What We Do

Our present projects include:
Analyzing water diversions for practical, cost-effective modifications to maintain efficient water delivery to agriculture, and improve salmon migration.
Identifying floodplain re-connection opportunities to reduce flood risk, and increase rainy-season habitat for juvenile salmon and other wildlife.
Operation of a video system to provide a scientific basis for habitat improvement proposals by counting
salmon and steelhead each season as they migrate up Auburn Ravine to spawn.
A DNA study to establish the genetic heritage of Auburn Ravine salmon.
Supporting a project to replace Hemphill Dam with a new system that will allow continued water
deliveries, and ensure unimpeded passage for salmon and steelhead.
Investigating options for reconfiguration of the Cross Canal to reduce flood risk, and improve habitat for juvenile salmon and other wildlife.

Projects that we hope to start soon:

Surveying the extent of salmon and steelhead migration so habitat improvement resources can be
focused on cost-effective projects.
Planning a PIT tag study of trout and steelhead to understand their local distribution and lifecycle.
Investigating options for late-winter rearing of salmon and steelhead in seasonally-fallowed fields in the lower reaches of Auburn Ravine and Raccoon Creek.


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